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Regional Labor Direction


Last update on 26-11-2014

The Regional Labour Directorate, was created by Regional Decree No. 25/78 / M of 1 June, following the transfer of powers provided for under Decree Law No. 294/78 of February 22, assuming as department with skills in Labour, in particular in the fields of labor legislation, collective hiring, professional organizations, Assessment of Working Conditions, Safety and Health at Work, labor statistics, Equality and more recently in Voluntary Work Conflict Resolution.
Integrated, at present, the Regional Secretariat for Human Resources, is thus a technical support agency in implementing the regional labor policy, contributing its share, in the exercise of its powers to the climate of consolidation of social stability employment context, through effective action, quick, free and qualitative, in the various fields of intervention.
The labor sector in its dynamics and vitality requires proper monitoring of reality and permanent challenges it poses, determining the existence of services with appropriate human and technical resources in order to meet the demands of everyday life, the level of legal support , information and advice, as well as the proper relationship with the social partners and economic agents with impartiality, rigor and technical quality.
The Regional Labour Directorate, present in the various fields of Labor, has sought always, the quality of your response, and following evolving challenges of each time to fully, fulfill their duties and powers - its mission - a world constantly evolving and changing.

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