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Regional Directorate of Education of Lisbon and Tagus Valley

Ministry of Education

Last update on 07-03-2015

The Regional Directorate of Education of Lisbon and Tagus Valley is headed by a regional delegate of education and has the following powers:

  • Monitor, coordinate and support the organization and functioning of educational establishments in the respective regional area;
  • Promote and monitor the procedures for assessing school organization;
  • Collaborate in the relevant information collection relating to special education for the purposes of regulation and monitoring of educational responses and educational support, in conjunction with the General Directorate of Education;
  • Accompany the promotion of measures and guidelines for the inclusion and the educational success of students with special educational needs in pre-school and school education in special education in the public, private, cooperative and supportive teachings, namely complement activities and teaching support, in conjunction with the General Directorate of Education;
  • Ensure the implementation at regional level of the various programs, projects and activities of school sports in conjunction with the General Directorate of Education;
  • Participate in the planning of the school network of regional constituency, promoting, without prejudice to the powers of the remaining MEC services, planning and implementation of development actions of networks of preschool education, primary and secondary education, including its special procedures, and as the education and training of young people and adults;
  • Supporting education institutions and local authorities in the maintenance of contracts concluded in accordance with Decree-Law No. 144/2008 of 28 July;
  • Ensure local disclosure of MEC services of guidance and technical information to schools;
  • Provide technical support for the maintenance of schools;
  • Support the activities of regional medical boards;
  • Analyze and prepare advice of Municipal Master Plans (PDM), the Detailed Plan (PP), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Educational Charter (EC) as well as the applications set by local authorities;
  • Monitor the rehabilitation, modernization and maintenance of the schools;
  • Identify interventions in school buildings;
  • Inspect the facilities for the license to operate the concession of schools of private and cooperative education and equipment of public schools with vocational education provision, in conjunction with the General Directorate of School Administration and the General Directorate of Education;
  • Promote the monitoring of private vocational schools and implementation of financial support contracts;
  • Promote in conjunction with the schools, the necessary procedures in case of accidents in service teachers and non-teaching staff;
  • Propose the certification of teachers of service under the law, rendered out of MEC;
  • Ensure legal support and litigation, in conjunction with the General Secretariat;
  • Cooperate with other services and agencies in order to carry out joint actions in education.

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