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General Directorate for European Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Last update on 07-03-2015

The General Directorate for European Affairs (DGAE) continues, inter alia, the following responsibilities:
  • Coordinate the Portuguese participation in meetings of the European Council, the General Affairs Council and the meetings of the various configurations of the EU Council;
  • Represent the Portuguese State with the EU Court of Justice and coordinate actions to define the Portuguese position in all cases of pre-litigation and litigation of the European Union;
  • Coordinate the definition of the national position on issues related to the decision process and the institutional system of the European Union, including the procedures for revising the treaties and the enlargement process, as well as in matters of justice and home affairs and with regard to issues financial of the European Union;
  • Monitor trading in shares of the European Union in all matters concerning the internal market;
  • Prepare and ensure the Portuguese representation at meetings of the Trade Policy Committee, under Article 207 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU and articulate the Portuguese position in the external relations of the European Union;
  • Ensure monitoring of bilateral relations, including the issues of economic, with the Member States of the European Union and other countries and geographical areas that fall in its area of ​​competence;
  • Contribute to the dissemination and communication policy of the European Union in Portugal.

Along the DGAE work:

  • The Interministerial Commission for European Affairs, the Interministerial Commission on Limits and Watershed Luso-Spanish;
  • The Portuguese-Spanish Commission for Cross-Border Cooperation.