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Director General of the Treasury and Finance

Ministry of Finance

Last update on 07-03-2015

The DGTF currently has the following responsibilities:
  • Controls the issue and circulation of the coins;
  • Ensures the study, preparation and monitoring of materials relating to the exercise of financial supervision of the public sector, legal and business and the exercise of the State's shareholder function in the domestic and international levels, as well as in matters relating to monitoring concessions;
  • Manages the financial assets of the State and follows the evolution of financial markets and services;
  • Manages the accessory public debt and the conduct of the granting of state guarantees process;
  • Awards grants, compensation payments and interest rate subsidies and evaluates the results of the State financial support policy;
  • Acquires, leases, manages and disposes of, directly or indirectly, the economic assets of the State and involved in acts of asset management;
  • Ensures the assumption and settlement of financial liabilities of the state and entities liabilities or public sector bodies or resulting from past situations, in accordance with the law;
  • Promotes recovery of credits from financial intervention operations;
  • Provides technical support to the Portuguese participation in matters relating to Economic and Monetary Union and ensures the technical representation of the Ministry of Finance in European and international organizations in financial matters, without prejudice to the powers of general and strategic direction of the Office of Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations (GPEARI) of the Ministry of Finance;
  • Proposes the guiding principles of personal guarantees by the state policy to loans or insurance export and Portuguese investment abroad, including aid credit, and its subsequent implementation;
  • Ensures the financial management of autonomous assets;
  • Follows the relationship between the business sector of the state and the financial sector.
  • To be recognized for service excellence, creating value in the state assets management.

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