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Regional Director General

Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy

Last update on 22-01-2015

The General Directorate of Territory (DGT) was established by the Organic Law, approved under cover of Decree-Law No. 7/2012 of 17 January, and is an integrated service center in the direct administration of the State, under the Ministry Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy (Decree-Law No. 119/2013 of 21 August), with administrative autonomy (Decree No 30/2012 of 13 March).

DGT is the national public body which is responsible for:

  • Pursue policies of spatial planning and urban design, while respecting the aims, general principles and objectives enshrined in the respective Basic Law;
  • To ensure the consolidation of the territorial management system and the implementation and updating of the legal and regulatory framework that supports it;
  • Promote and support good land management practices and develop and disseminate guidance and technical criteria to ensure proper organization, recovery and use of the national territory;
  • The creation and maintenance of spatial databases of reference, including the National Geographic Information System, the National Territorial Information System and the National System of Exploration and Cadastral Information Management;
  • The maintenance of the national geodetic network and the national mapping reference production.