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Director General of Foreign Policy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Last update on 07-03-2015

The General Directorate of Foreign Policy (DGPE) is under the Ministry diode Foreign Affairs (MFA) and has the following responsibilities:
  • a) Ensure generally the functions of -diplomática political coordination and inter-ministerial coordination in the treatment of all foreign policy issues in the context of its powers, to ensure the necessary coherence and unity of the state's external action;
  • b) ensure inter-ministerial coordination of all bilateral visits to political and economic level in the scope of its powers;
  • c) To study, give opinions, decide or make proposals for action on all matters relating to matters within its competence;
  • d) Collect information, analyze and submit proposals for action on issues of particular political relevance -diplomática;
  • e) monitor and ensure the participation in international organizations, in particular those who take strategic in the context of state outside activity;
  • f) Represent the MFA in interministerial committees and other national bodies when assignments covering these issues of political and economic nature, within the framework of its powers;
  • g) Ensure the chairmanship of committees and delegations of political and economic, that it is for the MFA in its field of competence;
  • h) ensure, at national level, the development of actions required to implement the Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP);
  • i) To guide and coordinate the national participation in the United Nations and specialized agencies;
  • j) To guide and coordinate its participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe;
  • l) To guide and coordinate its participation in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP);
  • m) To ensure the necessary support to the National Authority for the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons (ANCPAQ) and the National Authority for the purposes of Ban Treaty Comprehensive Nuclear-Test (ANTPEN);
  • n) To guide and coordinate national participation in the Ibero -americanas summits;
  • o) To coordinate the conduct and promotion of national applications to international organizations, in matters within their jurisdiction;
  • p) to gather information about the political reality in different regions and countries outside the European Union and to ensure the update of data on this reality;
  • q) contribute to the economic diplomacy defined by the Government, in conjunction with the Cabinet member responsible for the economy and with other departments, services or relevant sectoral bodies;
  • r) cooperation among the other services, agencies and MFA structures and the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal, EPE (AICEP, EPE);
  • s) ensure coordination with other departments, services or public entities of all matters of economic, technical or scientific whose decision binds the Portuguese State;
  • t) prepare, coordinate and ensure the transmission of instructions that, in the area of ​​its powers, should be sent to embassies, missions and permanent representations, temporary missions and consular posts of Portugal;
  • u) Provide technical support in the definition and structuring of policies, priorities and objectives of the NAM, as well as monitor and evaluate the implementation of policies and programs of the Ministry;
  • v) support the definition of the main options in the budget, as well as provide a link between the instruments of planning, budget forecasting and reporting;
  • x) Review, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Defence, requests for foreign entities for the use of airspace, military bases and Portuguese airports by military aircraft and or State and propose superiorly the respective diplomatic clearance;
  • z) to consider, in consultation with other ministries and public and private entities, requests for input and research in Portuguese territorial waters by military and oceanographic vessels and propose superiorly the respective authorization.

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