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Directorate-General for Justice Administration

Ministry of Justice

Last update on 26-01-2015

The General Directorate of Administration of Justice (DGAJ) is a service of the Ministry of Justice is responsible for ensuring support to the operation of the courts.

The DGAJ the following tasks:

  • Support the development of organizational policies and management of the courts;
  • Participate in conjunction with the General Directorate for Justice Policy (DGPJ), in studies aimed at modernization and rationalization of the means available to the judiciary, proposing and implementing appropriate measures;
  • Ensure criminal identification and habitual registration;
  • Schedule and perform the actions on the management and administration of workers' courts, including the planning and carrying out the activities of initial and subsequent training;
  • Driving the activity of court administrators;
  • Ensure procurement procedures for the needs of goods and services not covered by procedures developed by the ministerial purchasing unit, in conjunction with the Institute for Financial Management and Equipment of Justice IP (IGFEJ);
  • Coordinate the preparation, running and evaluating the budgetary, financial and accounting courts without administrative autonomy, as well as participate in the preparation and management of budgets, for the courts of 1st instance, the judicial magistrates and prosecutors;
  • Participate in the design and collaborate with IGFEJ the development, deployment, operation and evolution of information systems of the judiciary;
  • Schedule the needs of court premises and part with IGFEJ in the planning and execution of construction works, refurbishment or repair;
  • Collaborate with DGPJ in the collection, processing and dissemination of statistical information relating to the courts, providing the information necessary for compiling official statistics in the area of ​​justice;
  • The administration of the respective human resources and process the salaries of magistrates who carry out court where the compensation processing is not committed to other services;
  • Ensure national authority function in the conventions for which is determined by the Minister of Justice;
  • Settle, collect and record their own revenues.