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North Regional Coordination and Development Committee

Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure

Last update on 20-01-2015

The Coordination Committee and Northern Regional Development (CCDRN) is a peripheral service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and enjoying financial and administrative autonomy, which is responsible for ensuring the coordination and articulation of different sectoral policies at regional level and to perform environmental policies, spatial planning and cities, and technical support to local authorities and their associations at the level of the North (NUTS II). The main areas of intervention CCDRN are:

  • Regional development policy; Strategic planning processes; Partnerships between regional actors; Studies and programs for the cohesion and territorial competitiveness; Interinstitutional coordination with state and local authorities; Inter-regional and cross-border European cooperation; Strategic coordination with the regional decentralized services in the environmental, economic and social context; Technical and legal support to municipalities and associations; Regional environment policies and planning; Preparation, monitoring and evaluation of regional land management instruments in conjunction with the national instruments;
  • Compliance management responsibilities within the EU cohesion policy in Portugal, in particular management of EU funds.

To these areas of intervention added to participation in the Observatory Planning and Urbanism and the protection and promotion of the cultural landscape and Evolutionary Viva Alto Douro Wine Region. Its sub-regional structures located in Braga, Bragança and Vila Real; they will perform activities on the environment, land use and monitoring system, and support the Regional Operational Programme North. More information about the CCDRN can be found on your site .