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National Road Safety Authority

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Last update on 27-05-2016

The National Road Safety Authority (MOR) is a central service of the direct administration of the State with autonomy administrativa.A Mor's mission planning and coordination at national level to support the Government's policy on road safety and the application of road contraordenacional right.
The duties of Mor:
    Contribute to the development of policies in the field of traffic and road safety; Develop and monitor the National Road Safety Plan, as well as key documents related to road safety, as well as promote their study, including the causes and influencing factors in traffic accidents;? Promote and support civic and partnerships with public and private entities initiatives, particularly in schools, so as to promote information and awareness actions that promote a culture of road safety and good driving practices; Develop studies as part of road safety and to propose the adoption of measures aimed at planning and traffic discipline, monitor compliance with legal provisions on transit and road safety and ensure the processing and management of the case raised for violations of traffic regulations and complementary legislation; standardize and coordinate the monitoring and control of other bodies involved in road matter, through the issuance of technical instructions and approval of control and traffic enforcement equipment, and exercise other powers that the law, in particular the highway code and respective complementary legislation, you expressly commit;
  • Contribute financially, in collaboration with Infrastructure Management, and Ministry of Equipment of Internal Affairs (MAI), for the acquisition of equipment and software to be used by the IAC entities involved in road matter, according to higher guidance.