Welcome to Portal do Cidadão - How to Register

Welcome to Portal do Cidadão!

Portal do Cidadão is one of the main accesses to the portuguese public services online. This project is being developed by UMIC – Agência para a Sociedade do Conhecimento, IP, in a common effort with the Portuguese Government.

The registration provides free and instant access to services such as Online Certificates, subscription of our Newsletter and daily news and events alerts. The registration process is fast and easy.

To register, please fill all the register form. We will provide step by step instructions to guarantee the success of the whole operation.

How to Register

To start the registration, you must select the option “Novo Registo” in the homepage’s top right corner.



Step 1 (Passo 1)

At first, you must fill de registration form with your personal data. All fields marked with * are obligatory.

First Step

If the message “Já existe um registo com o nome de utilizador pretendido. Por favor, seleccione outro” appears when you try to choose your username, that means that someone else as already this ID in Portal do Cidadão. You must try to use a different one (Example: “nameyearbirth” ou “name1”).

In order to choose a new password (“Recuperar a Palavra-chave”), you will need to select a “secret question” and give a “secret answer”. By selecting a secret question and answer you will be able to connect to Portal do Cidadão to choose a new password in case of forgetting it.

To better protect your account, please, make sure that your answer is memorable and hard to guess by others.

After all form is properly filled, select the button “Seguinte” so that you can proceed with the registration.


Step 2 (Passo 2)

This next step is the one where you can subscribe our Newsletter and News or Events Alerts.


Second Step


On the second half of this page, you may select the themes that please you more. All alerts and our homepage will be adapted by your preferences.

None of these fields are obligatory and you can always change them in your private area (“A Minha Área”).

In order to proceed, you must select the button “Registar”.


Step 3 (Passo 3)

To successfully complete your registration, it will be sent an e-mail to your e-mail address.


At this moment, you must open your e-mail box and check the given link. By doing so, the Portal do Cidadão will recognise your username and automatically complete the registration.


Sign In

After completing your registration you may sign in at Portal do Cidadão and order Online Certificates or accede to your private area (“A Minha Área”). To do so, you only have to write your username and password in the homepage’s top right corner and click “ok”.



Please make sure that you use properly your username and password. After the fifth attempt the username will be blocked to prevent that someone else would wrongfully use it.